Paula Muschler

Healthcare Operations Manager, Allsup Services Inc.


Paula Muschler, Healthcare Operations Manager, Allsup Services Inc., has assisted thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across the country in assessing their personal healthcare insurance requirements and identifying the Medicare plans that match their personal needs and preferences.

Muschler played a key role in developing and launching Allsup Medicare Advisor® for seniors and Social Security Disability Insurance recipients with early Medicare eligibility. She oversees the team of Allsup Medicare specialists who educate consumers about their Medicare options, identify personal needs and priorities, and research plan options that meet those needs.

More recently, she has helped manage expansion of the nationwide Medicare plan selection service to employers and financial advisors who can support individuals with healthcare planning prior to and during retirement.

Muschler assists financial professionals in understanding how they can work with their clients one-on-one to assess their needs and choose cost-effective coverage that protects their health and retirement savings.

Muschler frequently speaks on Medicare and healthcare in retirement, presenting to corporate and federal employees and retirees, financial advisors and retirement planning professionals, people with disabilities and seniors. In addition, her articles have appeared in outlets such as Financial Advisor magazine, or, and other professional publications, and she is frequently quoted in consumer and trade media on Medicare planning issues.

Prior to joining Allsup in 2008, Muschler held positions with several large corporations as a district human resource manager, operations manager and sales manager, specializing in developing and leading organizational and training projects. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in management and marketing from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and has participated in the National Medicare Training Program workshops. She is Medicare licensed in multiple states.