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Allsup Medicare Expert Fact Sheet

Allsup services for journalists who cover Medicare topics:
  • Expert commentary on Medicare-related topics
  • Fact-checking and background on the Medicare program and benefits
Specific topics Allsup experts can address:
  • Coverage types - understanding and comparing coverage, e.g., traditional Medicare (Part A/hospital and Part B/medical), Medigap, prescription drug coverage (Part D), Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Evaluating and changing plans - how, when and types of enrollment periods, confirming plan provisions, enrollment glitches
  • Criteria for selecting coverage - medical needs, budget, provider choice
  • First-time enrollment concerns, including employer coverage vs. Medicare, penalties
  • Healthcare reform - changes affecting Medicare-eligible individuals
  • Costs - premiums, co-pays, deductibles
  • Coverage limitations - pre-existing conditions, geographic and treatment limitations
  • Coordination of benefits - between private insurance/employee coverage and traditional Medicare
  • Government and industry assistance - Medicare savings programs, states and pharmaceutical company programs
Allsup Experts
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