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SSDI Assessment

If You Have a Disability, There's True Help®

Allsup provides True HelpEvery person at Allsup is driven to deliver what we call True Help.

Since our first employee - Jim Allsup - each Allsup employee has helped foster an environment committed to the specialized needs of those with disabilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our clients is treated fairly and has access to the Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare services you paid for during your working years.

This philosophy has guided Allsup in broadening its support for people with disabilities by providing access to additional products and services that accommodate more of their financial and healthcare needs. Now, you and other Allsup customers have access to Allsup Medicare Advisor® and free personal finance information on the web just for those with disabilities.

Only Allsup can deliver True Help. And it's True Help that can provide the ultimate satisfaction of regaining the greatest degree of control possible over your life.