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Social Security Office Warns the Public About Scams

A number of scams are happening by telephone and the Internet to gather personal information from the public, according to the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General.

The SSA OIG has issued numerous warnings in the past 18 months. Phishing is Internet fraud designed to steal personal information. Scams look real, but they are deceptive in order to obtain secure personal information.

Social Security is warning people not to respond to unidentified and unsolicited phone calls, email and text messages. The SSA does not communicate with the public using text messages at this time, and neither does Allsup.

If you have received a text or a phone call that you have questions about, you can report the information to the Social Security fraud hotline.

Social Security Fraud Hotline

  • Call (800) 269-0271
  • TTY (866) 501-2101
  • Or click here for the SSA OIG Fraud Report form.

Do not give Social Security numbers or other personal information over the Internet or telephone unless you are confident about the identity of the recipient.

It also may be helpful to sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry by clicking here.