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Allsup knows that financial distress goes hand-in-hand with disability. You have taken the first step to re-establishing your financial health by turning to Allsup to assist in obtaining your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) income.
However, your SSDI benefits will only resolve part of the financial problems you face. An immediate financial crisis remains, and while waiting for your SSDI benefits, you may be forced to use up cash, retirement assets, home equity and investments.
Even if you have limited assets, Allsup can help you survive a financial crisis and identify other sources of income with the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service® (DLPS). Designed specifically for those who face the challenges of a disability, DLPS is an affordable, personalized financial planning service that can help you manage and protect your limited assets throughout the SSDI application process and beyond. The DLPS:
  • Handles all the number crunching, research and analysis regarding finances and resource identification that many people find too complicated to do alone, especially while struggling with a disability.
  • Educates you on your options for spending, protecting and managing limited assets successfully over the long term.
  • Clearly identifies a broad range of public and private resources that can be used to meet your family's basic living needs - reducing the amount of time you spend looking for support and applying to programs for which you may not qualify.
  • Is affordable, comprehensive and confidential to use from the comfort and security of your home.
  • Provides ongoing support for a minimum of one year or for as long as you are an Allsup SSDI customer.
Your financial situation is not hopeless. Getting through tough financial times won't be easy, but you have the specialists at Allsup to help you.
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General Disclaimer
The content provided by the Allsup  Disability Life Planning Service is for informational purposes only. Allsup does not provide tax, legal, investment, insurance, financial or medical advice or counsel under its Disability Life Planning Service, and does not agree to represent you in any capacity in connection with such service.
You are responsible for making all decisions with respect to financial strategies or use of resources and services available under the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service including, but not limited to, obtaining any professional tax, legal, investment, insurance, financial, medical or other advice or counsel that is necessary or advisable. Allsup will not be liable for and disclaims any liability arising out of or connected with any decision you make concerning your financial strategies or use of resources and services available under the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service.
The analysis and results produced by the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service are heavily based on the information provided to Allsup by its individual subscribers. As such, Allsup assumes no liability resulting from inaccurate, incomplete, or invalid information provided to it by Disability Life Planning Service  subscribers. Allsup does not guarantee the availability of or your eligibility for the resources identified by the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service. If you need help applying for the resources identified by the service, please contact the agency or organization administering the program directly. To review the full Disability Life Planning Service terms and conditions, please visit www.dlpsterms.com. If you would like to have the terms and conditions mailed to you, please let us know, and we will be happy to send you a copy.