SSDI Assessment

Items That Will Help Speed Your Free SSDI Evaluation

The more information you have handy, the faster we can determine if you might be eligible for SSDI:

  • Your employment history. This includes organizations you worked for over the past 15 years is ideal, the time period that you worked for them and your earnings.

  • Your Social Security statement. You can request and view this online now. Click here to get your Social Security statement online from the SSA.

  • Your medical diagnosis

  • Type(s) of doctor(s) whom you see, including specialists' names and phone numbers and dates of last visits

  • Hospital or medical center where you have received treatment

  • How long your condition has kept you from working and dates of any attempts to return to work

  • General list of restrictions/limitations your doctor discussed with you

  • List of prescriptions/medications to treat your condition

  • Any workers' compensation, state disability, SSA retirement, unemployment benefits or long-term disability (if applicable) you are receiving

  • Date and information about your most recent denial (if you have already applied and been turned down for SSDI)

  • Veteran status

  • Monies owed: back taxes, child support, student loans in default or bankruptcy that has not been discharged

Print this list in an easy-to-use format to help you gather and organize your information.

If you have you been denied and need help with your Social Security Disability appeal, we recommend you print this list.

Watch our presentation on how to prepare for your SSDI evaluation.