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Real Personal Stories About Real Allsup Customers

Real SSDI personal story

Allsup knows there is a real person behind every Social Security number. The following stories feature real people with real disabilities who discovered Allsup True Help®.

*If you're an Allsup customer who has been awarded SSDI benefits and wants to share your story, we want to hear from you.



Satisfied Customer Quotes

"Allsup helped me so much taking the burden of all the paperwork, which I could never have done on my own." -- Linda L.

"You truly have a wonderful staff that knows the meaning of customer service, professionalism, and sincere concern for their clients!" -- Dale S.

"After 3 long years of struggling to get by with the help of friends and family, I finally won my SSDI claim. I am so pleased with the firm I used as they held my hand throughout. Praises to Allsup Inc.!" -- Caryn T.

"Allsup is an A organization that could teach Social Security a thing or two." -- Lori N.

"After I got involved with Allsup, everything was done on the telephone and through the mail like I was promised. The only way that I was able to stay in the Social Security disability application process was because they helped so much." -- Mary D.

"When you're going up against a Goliath like Social Security, you'd better have a David like Allsup Inc. on your side." -- Yolanda M.

"My brother-in-law is a lawyer, and he had recommended that I contact a local attorney to help me with the application process. I'm happy I didn't take his advice because Allsup was outstanding from the beginning." -- Rebecca P.

"I'm glad Allsup handled my case so I didn't have to go through the hassle of dealing with Social Security on my own." -- Bettie D.

"Allsup told me at the beginning they would handle everything while I stayed at home. They weren't exaggerating - that's exactly what happened." -- Karen M.

"Although I still battle with my pain everyday from my medical conditions, I now realize that someone out there knows my pain. In the future, I will most certainly recommend 'Allsup Inc.' to anyone who finds themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation, such as mine." -- Del D.

"I wanted to thank all of you at Allsup. Dealing with my disabilities was hard enough. Allsup's many courteous, efficient and hard working representatives made the process painless. I have recommended Allsup to all my doctors and anyone that I have met that needs help in dealing with SSDI." -- Daniel L.

"Thank you again for your expertise and persistence in getting my SSDI awarded. You ARE the BEST in your field." -- John M.