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Why Allsup for the Social Security Disability Process


Allsup is dedicated to creating opportunities for people with disabilities to lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible.

Level 1: Application

National average - On average, 33% of those who go it alone in the SSDI process will be awarded at Level 1.

Allsup - On average, 59% of Allsup applicants are awarded at Level 1. 

Level 2: Reconsideration

National average - On average, only 11% of all applicants will be awarded at Level 2.

Allsup - On average, 23% of the applicants Allsup assists are awarded at Level 2. 

Level 3: Hearing

National average - A large majority of applicants have a representative at Level 3. On average about 48% will be awarded their benefit.

Allsup - At Level 3, on average, 72% of Allsup customers get their awards. 

Level 4: Appeals Council

National average - Someone who goes through the entire primary SSDI process, including Level 4, will spend an average of 954 days in the process.


Allsup - The average SSDI benefit is $1,165 a month. 

SSDI benefits include:

  • Regular monthly income with annual cost-of-living increases
  • Access to Medicare sooner including prescription drug coverage
  • Potential COBRA extension up to an additional 11 months
  • Protected and more SSA retirement benefits
  • Dependent benefits
  • Return-to-work incentives

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