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Allsup Helps Real People Just Like You

Real Reviews From Real Allsup Customers

“Thank you for the help you have given me. It was almost immediately after my physical that I was awarded. I couldn't have done it without you!" - Cheryl, Pennsylvania

"Allsup has always been very nice. I'm happy." - Bruce, Pennsylvania

"They were fantastic and I can't imagine doing this on my own.  I'm very happy with everything they do and I talk about Allsup all the time. I tell others that they do not have to do it alone." - Fred, Florida

"Allsup did a wonderful job and I do not regret a penny. I'm very pleased with them and will refer anyone I can to Allsup. I absolutely rave to people about them, as the process was so simple for me because of them." - Mary, Minnesota

"There were so many forms and information that the SSA requested. Thank you for making this process so easy for me. I was approved for SSDI. Thank you very much!" - Michael, New York

"I appreciated how kind the representatives at Allsup have been through this entire process." - William, South Carolina

"Working with Allsup has helped make the process so much easier, and I appreciate everything that you do." - Karen, Maine

"I didn’t realize that Allsup could file and help from start to finish. Everyone has been really helpful. For people that work for so many years and then have to enter the disability world…this process can be very traumatic but Allsup has made it so seamless." - Robert, Massachusetts

"Dealing with Allsup has been a great experience and I tell everybody about them. If I could, I would advertise Allsup and speak on commercials about how great they are and how much they help. They are very clear and straight forward." -  Heywood, Illinois

"I never dreamed I would get approved. It was just amazing it was approved in record time. I thought I would be one of the percent of people that get denied at the initial levels." - Mary, Indiana

"They are the best. No reason to go any where else, they handle it all." - Sharon, Ohio

"Thank you for all of your hard work. It was so easy to work with them. Everyone has been polite and helping me through this was easy." - Mary Lee, Massachusetts

"I appreciate what Allsup has done for me. It astounds me that they were able to handle this in three months." - Robin, Tennessee

"I appreciate all of your patience and help; you are a good company." - Christine, UT

"Allsup has done a great job.  Thank you so much for your hard work and the team effort really paid off.  It's hard to get through the government system." - Cathy, FL

"Thanks Allsup for all that you have done for me. I know that the track record in this process is not great and I see others I know go through this, and not succeed.  I appreciate all of the help, support and kindness during this time. I researched many reps in the state and Allsup's percentages were better than anyone else that I had found." -  Gary, IL

"I have been very happy and very pleased with Allsup's services. I want to give everyone a big thank you. Everything went smoothly and whenever I spoke with someone, they were very helpful." - Deborah, MI

"Me and my doctor will refer people to Allsup. Between the good Lord and Allsup, you made miracles for me in getting my SSDI approved." - Debbie, Tennessee

"You all have been wonderful and such a big help. I really appreciate all you and your company do. I would give you the highest recommendation to anyone, and I would refer you to any friends and family. You are all very sympathetic, knowledgeable, and professional." - Ray, Louisiana

"You are wonderful. Allsup was the best thing that could happen for me and you were able to go in there and do all of the work for me". - Barbara, Louisiana

I am very impressed with Allsup and how you handled my claim. I would absolutely refer people to Allsup." - Boris, New Jersey

"I can't thank you enough.  Everyone I have ever talked to has been ladies and gentleman and I have had no problems what-so-ever.  You always answered all my questions and took care of all of my needs." - Joseph, New Jersey

"Allsup has been absolutely phenomenal, and I cannot thank you all enough. You helped me, and you previously helped my husband. You saved us so much frustration and took it on for us. Every time we had a question or concern, you were there always. God Bless you all." - Linda, Delaware

"Allsup has been such a big help. I cannot say enough good things about Allsup. You made the process so much easier for me and my daughter when my husband was sick. I have never seen a company who stands by their word like Allsup does." - Terri, Missouri

"For all those people who do not say thank you, I want you to know that I appreciate what you did for me today." In this line of business there are not a lot of people that exemplify patience, understanding and empathy. I have been up for 30 something hrs and I am wired. I have memory problems and can't even get my initials right and you did not laugh at me once. You don't just go above and beyond. I worked at a Catholic hospital and a Jewish hospital and there are core principles that are required and you are supposed to represent and you do that. Your laughter and help made me smile and my family can attest that I have smiled in a while. We are angry and a little resentful and you laughed and left me with a smile on my face." In this time, in this world, we never have enough time. Your line of work requires deadlines and a tremendous amount of pressure to get things done right away. Among the few that I've worked with at Allsup have been the kindest, courteous and most understanding. Dealing with chronically ill people is not most rewarding, but you have found a group of men and women that respond well and guide us through the murkiness that is Insurance." - Tracy, Indiana

"When you are going through a life changing even such as a disability it was extremely helpful to have someone as patient as Amy (team member) working with me." - Howard, Virginia

"I won the battle for the benefits that I paid for. Thank you for all the help with my case." - James, Florida

I really appreciate everything that my team member did for me at the hearing.  Allsup hires awesome employees." - Amy, Alabama

You guys have been wonderful to work with- lawyers just say fill out the paperwork yourself and after having a stroke, I did not feel I could have done this myself.  I like that you are not lawyer oriented." - Mary, Ohio