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Were You Denied Social Security Disability Insurance?

Trust Allsup To Tell Your Story™ It’s frustrating when your Social Security disability claim is denied. You probably never even got to tell your personal story. With decades of experience, our Allsup experts can handle your appeal at any level. We have a 97% success rate for those who complete the SSDI process with us. Our award rate is 8% higher than the national average of 13% for the first level of appeal and 18% higher than the national average of 51% at the second level of appeal.

Get Started With Your Social Security Disability Appeal

How Do We Help Make Your Appeal A Success?

Allsup SSDI appeals experts build your case so the government knows your personal story and why you deserve disability benefits.


Why Social Security denied your application


Your appeal is well documented with medical and other evidence


Government errors and correct them


On getting your case approved early in the appeals process to reduce your wait time


Directly with SSA for you every step of the way


Appear on your behalf at a hearing if necessary and depose government witnesses

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