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Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) on your own is not only time consuming and complicated, it can also be costly. You can improve your chances of a successful claim by 23% if you choose an advocate to represent you.

Setting the record straight: Founder/CEO, Jim Allsup, shares how his experiences working at Social Security inspired him to create the first nationwide SSDI representation organization 38 years ago.


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Don’t Go It Alone. Choosing Allsup Can Increase Your Likelihood Of Being Awarded Benefits By 50%.

With our decades of experience and record of success, Allsup delivers True Help. to all our customers. You can see by the chart below that our service far exceeds applying on your own. Do you really want to trust your SSDI journey to anyone else?

How having an SSDI representative helps you with the claim process.
A personal representative that assists you with your claim. Represented more than 350,000 people nationwide to receive their SSDI benefits. Includes help with Medicare choices. Offers support for return to work. Online tool that streamlines the process. Assistance with appeals. Advocates with SSA on your behalf.
Allsup, LLC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applying on Your Own No No No No No No No

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A Social Security Disability recipient typically:
  • Is Age 50 or Older

    Receives SSDI until retirement age.

  • Has a 10+ Year Work History

    Paid FICA taxes five out of the last 10 years.

  • Has a Formal Diagnosis of a Serious Disability

    You're seeing a doctor who agrees your condition is severe enough to keep you from working.

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Allsup is simply the premier provider of SSDI representation. We have:

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