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Hitting Roadblocks with Your Veterans Disability Claim?

Trust Allsup to tell your story

Has the government denied your application for veterans disability benefits? Or, did you get a rating on your condition that should be higher? Allsup Veterans Disability Appeal Services® is focused on helping you appeal when you get a response to your VA Disability claim that doesn’t seem fair.

Allsup’s VA-Accredited Claims Agents help when:

  • You need help with a Supplemental Claim
  • You need help with a Higher Level Review
  • You disagree with a rating decision less than 12 months old
  • You need to file or have filed a VA Form 9


  • You need to file or have filed a Notice of Disagreement
  • Your appeal is at the Board or BVA
  • You have requested a personal hearing


Allsup has been helping people with disabilities access government benefits for more than 35 years.

The Allsup Advantage with your VA Disability Appeal:

  1. We provide guidance throughout the appeal process and the complicated set of options, in order to help you understand what to expect and choose your path.
  2. We ensure that the VA has all the necessary and accurate information needed to make an informed decision about your appeal.
  3. We collect and update medical information and evidence to prove your service-connected disability.
  4. We maintain interactions and contact with the VA to follow your appeal throughout the process – even if it takes a long time.
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With VA Benefits, You Benefit

Allsup VA-accredited claims agents can guide your way through the VA disability appeals process and give you a better chance at claiming valuable benefits like these:


Regular monthly income from benefits payments


Healthcare & services between jobs and after retirement


Possible spouse and dependent benefits


Additional benefits based on your VA rating