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Does your medical condition prevent you from working?

Millions of people like you depend on special equipment such as wheelchairs or spinal braces every day as the result of a serious illness or injury. With Allsup as your SSDI representative, you are more likely to get your benefits. We will work to bring you all the benefits you deserve, including a monthly income and Medicare.

We've Helped Over 400,000 People Get Their SSDI Benefits.

Put Allsup to work for you. Increase your chances of success and get your benefits faster!

Don’t Go It Alone. Choosing Allsup Can Increase Your Likelihood Of Being Awarded Benefits By 50%.

With our decades of experience and record of success, Allsup delivers True Help®. to all our customers. You can see by the chart below that our service far exceeds applying on your own. Do you really want to trust your SSDI journey to anyone else?

How having an SSDI representative helps you with the claim process.
A personal representative that advocates with SSA on your behalf. Won SSDI benefits for 400,000 people nationwide Includes help with Medicare choices. SSA-Approved Employment Network offering return to work services Online portal that streamlines the process. Assistance with appeals. Disability Financial Services℠ to help with the financial challenges you face
Allsup, LLC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applying on Your Own No No No No No No No
Applying With Others Maybe No No No No Maybe No

About Allsup

For over 40 years, Allsup has helped more than 400,000 individuals receive the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits they deserved.

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