September 8, 2021

Allsup Adds VA-Accredited Claims Agent for Veterans Disability Appeal Assistance

New claims agent to deliver critical services to veterans who are appealing denials through U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs nationwide

Belleville, Illinois — September 8, 2021 Allsup, a nationwide provider of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation and veterans disability appeal services, announced today that Anna Klucker has been named a Veterans Affairs (VA) Accredited Claims Agent. She joins the ranks of accredited claims agents with the Allsup Veterans Disability Appeal Services®.

Brett Buchanan, Allsup VA-accredited claims agent, said, “Not only are we proud of Anna for successfully meeting the requirements and passing the rigorous VA examination process, but we are eager for her to contribute even more to Allsup’s work in assisting veterans with their disability benefit appeals.”

Klucker will be responsible for the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for veterans’ benefits before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She will review service and medical records, as well as VA laws and regulations to advise veterans and claimants on their best appeal options after they have been denied. When needed, she also will represent veterans at hearings before the Board of Veterans’ Appeal.

Klucker joined Allsup in 2005 and has served in several roles throughout her career, including disability claims representative, appeals analyst and claims consultant for Allsup in the area of SSDI. She transitioned to Allsup Veterans Disability Appeal Services® about three years ago to support veterans through that Allsup service.

“Anna has become an exceptional asset to our team and now, as a VA-accredited claims agent, will help Allsup provide even more expert advice and support to those veterans who have been denied VA benefits for any number of reasons,” Buchanan explained. “She will communicate directly with veterans regarding their military and medical history, helping them to secure the necessary evidence to support their appeal.”

While appeals are frequently denied by the VA, veterans who used a VA-accredited claims agent had a greater chance of being approved on appeal with a 32.2% approval rate compared to 26.2% approval rate without an agent in FY 2020 according to the Annual Report for the Board of Veterans' Appeals. “The percentage of denials was 29.2% without representation compared to only 21.5% with an agent,” Buchanan said.

Recently, the VA announced the addition of three presumptive conditions — asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis — for veterans seeking benefits. “This announcement conveys that the VA recognizes exposure to airborne hazards like burn pits, air pollution and other particulates is a serious concern for many veterans,” Buchanan added.  

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