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Allsup has specialized in disability services for over 30 years. We've successfully helped more than 275,000 individuals receive the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve.  
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empower by Allsup offers a simpler way to apply for the SSDI benefits you need.

It quickly determines your likelihood of qualifying for benefits. Easily guides you through the application process and can help you use these benefits to return to work, if and when you medically recover.

50% better approval odds than applying for SSDI on your own through the Social Security Administration.

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Allsup helps people like you steer through complexities beyond SSDI including:
*96 percent of the people who complete the SSDI process with Allsup receive awards.
There is a better way to apply for SSDI

There is a better way to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits
A dual purpose tool, empower by Allsup® can help you qualify for benefits if you’re eligible, and also use these benefits to go back to work… 

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