February 22, 2024

Newsweek Features AES Customer’s Challenge In Finding Employment After Disability

After I Beat Breast Cancer, No One Wanted to Hire Me - Highlight (newsweek.com)

In a compelling narrative shared with Newsweek, Verna Boyd, a seasoned nurse from North Carolina, recounts her strenuous journey of battling breast cancer and the subsequent, unexpected challenge of finding employment after finally being cancer-free in March 2023.

Verna, with a distinguished 24-year career in nursing and community health advocacy, faced a harsh reality that many cancer survivors encounter: workplace discrimination. Diagnosed alongside her mother in March 2021, Verna’s life took a dramatic turn from caregiver to patient. After a rigorous battle, supported by the advances in medical science and her healthcare team at Duke University, Verna emerged victorious.

Eager to return to her profession and alleviate the financial strain her family faced during her treatment, she encountered a series of rejections that highlighted a pervasive issue in the workforce.

Verna writes about this experience and shares that despite her qualifications and previous accolades, her candidness about her cancer journey became an obstacle in her job search. Initial positive interactions with potential employers turned cold upon disclosure of her breast cancer survivorship, leading to unreturned calls and non-existent job offers. This pattern of rejection underscored not only personal disappointment for Verna but also a broader employment hurdle that exists for cancer survivors wanting to get back to work.

Determined to overcome these barriers, Verna turned to Allsup Employment Services (AES) and discovered the Social Security's Ticket to Work Program, which assists individuals in re-entering the workforce while retaining their benefits.

This support was crucial in navigating the complexities of employment post-recovery, offering a glimmer of hope and a practical solution to a widespread issue.

For a deeper dive into this inspiring journey, check out the Newsweek article, “After I Beat Breast Cancer, No One Wanted to Hire Me (newsweek.com)

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