June 12, 2019

People with Disabilities are Finding and Keeping Jobs

A few years ago, if you asked some people about their job search, you were likely to get an eye-roll or a deep, discouraged sigh. Add a disability to the equation, and you might witness a completely defeated person.

However, today’s job market is changing for the better. According to the National Public Radio (NPR), people with disabilities have a strong desire to work, and more employers are willing to hire them.

The number of companies is growing—those that are open to accommodating the needs of talented individuals, which empowers former workers with disabilities who want to return to work. The best news is both parties win: people with disabilities regain confidence in their purpose while employers are rewarded with workers who are passionate, capable, and determined.

Allsup Employment Services helps connect people with disabilities to the ever-changing job market. With guidance from our specialists, Social Security Disability Insurance recipients access the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program. SSA’s program offers free resources and support to former workers who wish attempt a return to work while protecting their disability benefits.

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