March 26, 2020

Social Security Office Closures Create More Challenges for Those Applying for Disability Benefits, Allsup Reports

Former workers can still get expert help to apply for Social Security disability benefits from home using empower by Allsup

Belleville, Illinois — March 18, 2020  This week Americans with disabilities learned that applying for and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits got even more difficult when the Social Security Administration closed all of its offices to the public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Former workers, however, have a valuable option for learning if they are eligible for SSDI and a safe way to apply for disability with expert assistance, according to Allsup, which has helped more than 325,000 people with disabilities to receive their disability benefits.

“Social Security’s office closures shift the burden of customer service to its telephone lines where call hold times will escalate, or to its website, which has limited personalized assistance,” said Dan Contreras, lead advocate for Allsup, a nationwide provider of SSDI representation. Both can be avoided with empower by Allsup®, which provides easy to use online application help with video and audio guidance, plus expert representation throughout the SSDI process.

“This is an especially challenging time for people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions who can no longer work. Now, they must remain home to protect themselves from COVID-19,” Contreras said. “During this time of uncertainty, individuals who need help with their SSDI application and disability appeal can find expert guidance through empower by Allsup.”

The online tool helps individuals learn if they are likely eligible for federal disability benefits, and then it streamlines the SSDI application process and offers guidance and assistance via audio, video, live chat, telephone and email.

Contreras explained the importance of having a representative for someone’s disability claim, including helping to ensure Social Security receives the information needed to approve the disability claim.

“Allsup customers have higher than average success rates in obtaining their benefits, especially if they seek help when they first apply,” said Contreras. “Not only does this help get your benefits faster, but with Allsup, 97% of those who complete the SSDI process with us typically receive these very important disability benefits that they paid for while they were working.”

Allsup provides nationwide representation services for individuals applying for SSDI or appealing their denial for benefits. “Avoid the lengthy waits with Social Security and get started sooner by using empower by Allsup for your SSDI claim,” Contreras said.

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