May 4, 2020

Allsup Releases Free E-book to Simplify SSDI Benefits, New Edition Features empower by Allsup Online Tool

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Nationwide disability representation provider publishes e-book offering tips to streamline the Social Security disability application and appeals process

Belleville, Illinois — May 4, 2020 Allsup, the nation’s premier disability representation company®, has released the 2020 edition of its free e-book, “Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time.” The book provides expert guidance to understand questions on SSDI eligibility, timing and potential payment amounts.

The e-book is authored by Jim Allsup, founder, chairman, and CEO of Allsup, a nationwide SSDI representation company that has helped more than 325,000 individuals obtain their SSDI benefits. Simple, concise chapters help potential applicants determine SSDI eligibility and offer step-by-step explanations of the entire application and Social Security’s decision-making process. The new edition includes up-to-date information and recent SSDI program changes, and offers practical tips to help improve the likelihood of being approved for disability benefits. A PDF version is available free on the Allsup website and for purchase and use on e-readers at

The book offers personal accounts of former workers with a variety of physical and mental health conditions who have successfully obtained their disability benefits. In addition, the text explains the benefits of the free Ticket to Work program and return to work assistance offered by Allsup Employment Services, as a Social Security Administration-approved (SSA) Employment Network. A glossary of common terminology used by the SSA when working with claims and appeals is also a feature of the Allsup e-book.

“These are difficult and anxious times, especially for those with health conditions that put them at higher risk. However, beyond the economic and health impact of the pandemic, there are those with severe disabilities who will need to consider the SSDI program that they funded during their earning years,” said Mary Dale Walters, Allsup senior vice president and the e-book’s editor. “Understanding eligibility and learning how to navigate the Social Security disability program from our experts can help a former worker get through as quickly as possible.”

The national average success rate at the initial application, where most people apply on their own, is only 37%, Walters said, while Allsup customers have the help of a disability expert and an application success rate about 50% higher.

An exclusive feature of having Allsup as your representative is the free online tool, empower by Allsup®. With empower, individuals can quickly determine if they are likely eligible for benefits, and begin working with Allsup experts to prepare their claim immediately. The tool is accessible by desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

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E-book details: “Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time,” ISBN: 978-1-62660-140-6, Kindle version, $7.99.


Allsup and its subsidiaries provide nationwide Social Security disability, veterans disability appeal, return to work, and healthcare benefits services for individuals, their employers and insurance carriers. Allsup professionals deliver specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors so they may lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Belleville, Illinois, near St. Louis. Learn more at and @Allsup.

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