August 10, 2017

Allsup Observes National Health Center Week Aug. 13-19

empower by Allsup® helps patients access Social Security disability information and assistance in healthcare settings

Belleville, Ill. — Aug. 10, 2017 — One in every 15 people living in the U.S. depends on health center services, according to the National Association of Community Health Centers. Allsup, a nationwide provider of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation, observes National Health Center Week Aug. 13-19 and the critical role health centers play in providing SSDI information.

A survey of healthcare providers, including hospital and health center social workers and case managers, revealed they often get questions about Social Security Disability Insurance, the payroll tax-funded, federal insurance program.

The program can be a lifeline for individuals who are unable to work 12 months or more due to a physical or mental condition, because it provides regular monthly income and access to Medicare.

Of the 167 healthcare professional survey respondents:

93% work with people who have a chronic illness or disability, including mental illness.

93% often/sometimes receive questions about disability benefits.

Although they are asked questions about how to apply for disability benefits, 57% said they did not have a good understanding of the SSDI application process. About 43% said they were not confident in their ability to identify individuals who are eligible for SSDI.

“Healthcare providers, social workers and case managers wear a lot of hats,” said Dawn Sachteleben, Allsup Healthcare Professionals Account Manager. “They are constantly being called on to meet patient needs outside of the health center setting.

“Allsup has developed SSDI resources for healthcare providers to share with patients in a variety of settings, including health centers. Obtaining disability benefits has a direct impact on patient health and quality of life.”

In addition to patient resource materials, webinar training and email updates, Allsup provides the free SSDI assessment tool, empower by Allsup. Using the online tool, healthcare providers can help individuals determine their eligibility for SSDI in less than 20 minutes. If they prefer, individuals can log on to to complete the assessment on their own, in the comfort of their own home. If they are eligible, they can begin the SSDI application process right away.

Healthcare professionals can contact Dawn Sachteleben at for patient resource materials and more information.

For more information on National Health Center Week, click here.

Written by

Rebecca Ray