August 21, 2018

Allsup Offers Free E-book for Disability Applicants

With hearing backlog near record levels in 2018, book offers tips to apply for disability benefits with daunting SSDI program

Belleville, Illinois — August 22, 2018 — “Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time,” a new e-book from Allsup, the nation’s premier disability representation company, is available free. The timing is right for individuals just deciding to apply for disability insurance benefits because of the near-record levels of individuals across the U.S. still waiting 700 days and longer for a decision.

The e-book, written by Jim Allsup, founder, chairman and CEO of Allsup, uses easy-to-read chapters and personal stories to help individuals with disabilities learn the ins and outs of the complicated Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, including the application process and how to return to work after medical recovery. Click here to get the book.

The book begins by delving into why it’s critical that applicants get help. Chapters 5 and 9 detail how using a qualified SSDI representative can improve an individual’s chances of receiving their disability benefits in a timely manner—from four to six months instead of two to four years. As the book explains:

“The SSA denies two-thirds of initial SSDI applications. Many of these claims are denied because honest mistakes are made—especially by those who have never experienced the SSDI process before. It might be a missed signature that slows down your claim or a missed deadline that requires you to start over. It could be a question that isn’t thoroughly answered. Expert representatives help applicants prepare key information and keep the Social Security Administration (SSA) on its collective toes—anticipating and stopping problems, correcting mistakes and insuring your information is properly considered.”

Rather than simply put up with the bureaucratic backlog surrounding the program, Allsup strives to help readers navigate toward a better solution. As chapter 10 lays out:

“Unfortunately, the SSA is a bit behind when it comes to using efficient technology, user-friendly online tools and electronic support. Staffing and budget shortages make investments in technology very complex and expensive. That’s where the empower by Allsup dual-purpose online tool comes in.”

Chapter 11 reveals one of the most important—yet often overlooked—benefits of the SSDI program: free return to work assistance through the Ticket to Work Program, exclusively for SSDI beneficiaries. The book assures those in the program:

“Receiving Social Security disability benefits is NOT a sentence to a lifetime of unemployment. The combination of benefits and assistance through Ticket to Work can provide a safety net of income and health insurance while you try to transition back to the workforce.”

The book also includes a glossary of common SSDI terms, explained in plain language to help readers better understand the complex terminology the SSA uses.

“This book is a must-read for anyone attempting to navigate the SSDI process,” said Steve Perrigo, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The vital tips included will help you overcome the roadblocks and speed bumps as quickly as possible.”

Allsup has helped more than 375,000 people to receive their SSDI benefits. The online tool empower by Allsup® combines an SSDI assessment for eligibility and Social Security disability application support, along with return to work guidance for those who may medically recover. 

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E-book details: Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time, ISBN: 978-1-62660-140-6, Copyright 2018. 

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