November 16, 2017

True Help, a Division of Allsup, Launches For Expert Social Security Disability Assistance

True Help brings together SSDI, return to work, VA disability and healthcare assistance for individuals and organizations

Belleville, Illinois — Nov. 16, 2017 — TrueHelp, a division of Allsup, the nation’s premier provider of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits representation, today launched its new website for individuals with disabilities and organizations. True Help focuses on bringing together Allsup services nationwide including SSDI representation, return to work, veterans disability appeals, and healthcare assistance and Medicare services.

“To date, we have helped more than 275,000 people receive their Social Security disability benefits,” said Mike Stein, assistant vice president of Allsup. “With TrueHelp, a division of Allsup, workers who have been sidelined by a severe disability will have easier access to the best possible solutions, especially when it comes to applying for disability benefits.” offers a mobile and tablet optimized experience for visitors seeking Social Security disability benefits help. The website helps individuals with disabilities who are experiencing physical, financial, and emotional distress in navigating complicated government programs. The site provides easy-to-use resources that guide them over the hurdles of completing forms, filing appeals, learning about their options and making important decisions about federal benefits programs.

“Individuals with work-disrupting disabilities can discover a simpler path to apply for disability benefits with,” Stein explained.

Learn at how Allsup specializes in assisting individuals at the SSDI application level, which helps many avoid the massive backlog of people waiting for a hearing. Currently, more than 1 million individuals with disabilities are waiting an average 605 days to find out if they will be awarded the benefits they deserve.

“We do everything we can to give people with disabilities a real chance to regain their lives,” Stein said. Visitors to discover an umbrella of protective services, from step one to the finish line: seeking SSDI, filing VA disability appeals, choosing healthcare insurance and returning to work, if they become medically able.

About 8.7 million former U.S. workers currently receive SSDI benefits, which they paid for through their FICA taxes. The average SSDI recipient worked 22 years prior to receiving benefits. Applicants must have paid payroll taxes and worked five of the past 10 years. They must be under retirement age and suffer from a severe work-disrupting injury or physical or mental illness that either will last a year, or is terminal.

Visitors to the website gain access to Allsup’s convenient online tool, empower by Allsup®. Empower combines an assessment for SSDI eligibility, Social Security disability application support and return-to-work assistance for those who are able to return to work following medical recovery or stabilization of their conditions.

Visit to learn more.

Written by

Rebecca Ray