January 18, 2018

Video on Invisible Disabilities Breaks Down Barriers and Helps Make Connections

Allsup sponsors Invisible Disabilities Association video to encourage, empower and promote understanding; help individuals start conversations with family and friends

Belleville, Illinois — Jan. 18, 2018 — The Invisible Disabilities® Association (IDA), an organization dedicated to raising worldwide awareness and providing support and resources to individuals living with invisible disabilities, and Allsup, the nation’s premier provider of disability benefits representation, today announced the launch of the “I Am Invisible No More” video.

“People living with invisible disabilities may not appear to have any challenges, but sometimes this makes their battles even harder to fight,” said Wayne Connell, founder of IDA. “Imagine being constantly and unfairly judged, labeled as lazy or anti-social, because people, including your family and friends, do not believe or know that you have a disability.”

Chronic pain, difficulty breathing, trouble concentrating and extreme fatigue are examples of symptoms that are not visible, but profoundly impact an individual’s ability to engage in normal daily activities. These limitations can strain relationships when others don’t understand a person’s biological, mental or physiological limitations.

Any physical, mental or neurological condition that limits a person’s movements, senses or activities in a way that onlookers cannot immediately see is considered an invisible disability. Conditions like  heart disease, traumatic brain injury, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, arthritis, lupus and many mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder are not always obvious, yet can still severely impact a person’s life. An estimated 1 of every 10 individuals struggles with a medical condition that impairs their daily life in some way.

“No one would get angry or upset with someone with a broken leg for turning down an invitation to go hiking,” said Connell. “But people with invisible disabilities often have to deal with negative reactions from people who don’t understand their illnesses.”

“I Am Invisible No More” features personal stories of individuals living with invisible disabilities and their family members.

“By sharing their stories, people living with invisible disabilities can help their family, friends and the public become more mindful of how they treat others, and also learn how to offer critical support if they know someone living with an invisible disability,” said Tai Prohaska, Manager of Strategic Alliances at Allsup.

IDA helps individuals connect, share and support one another, creating online communities and resources that help them strengthen their relationships. Watching “I Am Invisible No More” together can help individuals start a conversation with their loved ones.

IDA and Allsup are working to encourage others to share their own stories. Follow IDA and Allsup  on Facebook for details and upcoming events.


The Invisible Disabilities® Association is about believing. The frequently invisible nature of illness and pain may lead to disbelief about that illness or pain by those surrounding the person who lives daily with invisible disabilities. This disbelief can lead to misunderstandings, rejection by friends, family and health care providers. It may also lead to accusations of laziness or faking an illness. We are passionate about providing awareness that invisible illness, pain and disabilities are very real! Our mission is to encourage, educate and connect people and organizations touched by illness, pain and disability around the globe. Envision with us, a world where people living with illness, pain and disability will be Invisible No More®. Follow us on Facebook.com/InvisibleDisabilities, @invdisabilities on Twitter and instagram.com/invisibledisabilities.

Written by

Rebecca Ray