April 16, 2018

Washington Post Profiles Army Veteran Stuck in the Disability Backlog

Former Army Captain Robert Steers lives with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, according to recent article in the Washington Post. He is one of more than a million Americans stuck in the Social Security disability backlog, waiting more than 600 days for a hearing to determine eligibility for disability benefits.

The Post article points to the importance of getting expert help when you apply for disability benefits, to increase the chances of being approved for SSDI at the application level, and avoid the hearing backlog altogether.

Individuals approved at the initial level receive their benefits within months, versus waiting years as they endure multiple appeals. The first step in ensuring a complete and accurate SSDI application is to complete the free and easy empower by AllsupĀ® online assessment.

To read the entire Washington Post article, click here.

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