March 26, 2018

Women and Social Security Disability Insurance

Would you be surprised to learn that women Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries are somewhat more likely than men to qualify because of a mental or musculoskeletal impairment?  Women are also more likely to have cancer, but less likely to have circulatory disease or to have suffered a catastrophic injury.

These statistics and other interesting facts are reported in a recent Center on Budget and Policy Priorities article that examines how demographic changes and societal norms have influenced women’s participation in the SSDI program.

SSDI is an important resource for former workers who cannot continue working for 12 months or more. Historically, most SSDI beneficiaries have been men. However, today women and men are almost equally represented. The first step in successfully applying for disability is determining eligibility. Click here for a free assessment and expert help with SSDI.

To read, “Women and Disability Insurance: Five Facts You Should Know,” click here.

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