July 24, 2016

Allsup Delivers Fast, No-Cost SSDI Assessment & Online Application With empower by Allsup®

New dual purpose tool helps applicants immediately learn their likelihood of being eligible for SSDI benefits, and gets them started on their online application with Allsup as their representative

Belleville, Illinois — July 25, 2016 — For the first time, people with disabilities have a no-cost online option for assessing their potential eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in only minutes. With empower by Allsup®, those who successfully complete a Free SSDI Assessment can move immediately into the Allsup-designed web-based tool and get started on their Social Security disability application.

Created by the nation’s leading provider of SSDI representation services, empower by Allsup is the first dual purpose online tool for Social Security disability benefits, including return-to-work assistance for those who eventually medically recover. The software combines more than 30+ years of Allsup’s SSDI experience with a user friendly question and answer format, helpful tips and audio and video guidance. Those who choose Allsup as their representative to assist with a Social Security disability application typically have a 50% higher success rate with their initial claim compared to the national rate at Social Security.

“empower by Allsup is a better, faster and more efficient way for people with severe disabilities to navigate the complex SSDI eligibility and application process, and improve their chances of getting their benefits early,” said company CEO and founder Jim Allsup.

“In addition to receiving your benefits as quickly as possible with Allsup as your disability representative, we will assist you with the SSA’s return to work program, and explain how to keep that option open if you medically recover,” said Mr. Allsup.

To qualify for SSDI benefits, individuals must have paid FICA payroll taxes, typically worked five out of the last 10 years, and have a severe physical or mental disability that is expected to last for more than 12 months or is terminal. They must be unable to work and under full retirement age (65-67).

With empower by Allsup, individuals can answer easy to understand questions on a secure online site from their homes and learn almost immediately if they are probably eligible for benefits. This means avoiding long waits for telephone interviews or long lines at Social Security offices. In addition, applicants don’t have to guess at their eligibility and wait months, after filing an application with the SSA, to find out that they don’t quality for Social Security disability benefits.

Benefits of empower by Allsup®

Individuals can access important features and benefits of empower by Allsup, including:

  • Use empower on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Find easy to understand information about getting started with Allsup as their representative, and learn that they only pay a fee if Allsup helps them to receive SSDI benefits.
  • Move at their own pace while receiving video and audio help.
  • Once the Assessment has been successfully completed, begin providing disability insurance application information online right away. Access customer support online from disability specialists.
  • Experience the personal approach and avoid unnecessary questions.
  • Learn the importance of considering returning to work when and if they medically recover.
  • Find helpful guidance about their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and keeping re-employment options open with former and future employers.
  • Work with the nation’s premier Social Security disability representatives for the best possible chance of receiving SSDI benefits with their initial application.

“Getting an early start with Allsup as your representative and empower by Allsup is all about getting the benefits you deserve quickly,” Mr. Allsup said. “Most importantly, if you are eligible, it might help keep you from becoming mired in the current backlog of 1.1 million people who have appealed their denials and are waiting another 18 months for a hearing.”

Allsup has helped more than 250,000 people receive their SSDI benefits. It now brings its proven disability expertise, specialized knowledge and True Help® to individuals with disabilities through empower by Allsup. In addition, those who use Allsup have free assistance getting back to work if they recover, and help with finding the right Medicare and healthcare insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

To determine your likelihood of qualifying for SSDI benefits, get started with empower and take our Free SSDI Assessment.

Written by

Rebecca Ray