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What Is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a payroll tax-funded, federal insurance program. A portion of the FICA taxes you pay are set aside for SSDI (as well as Social Security Retirement and Medicare).

SSDI was established in 1956 and is designed to provide you with income if you’re unable to work due to a severe disability, until your condition improves, and guarantees income if your condition doesn’t improve. Upon retirement age (65 or older) you move from SSDI to Social Security retirement income.

Getting Your Benefits

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Benefits of Having a Representative During your SSDI Process

Allsup creates opportunities for people with disabilities to reclaim their lives. This video talks about the value of having an SSDI representative help you with your social security disability benefits.

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How to Apply for SSDI

To get SSDI benefits, you must complete an application and file it with the SSA. The initial application is similar to filing taxes: there are forms you can fill out on your own, or you can have an expert disability advocate like Allsup help. The SSA reviews applications to determine who qualifies for monthly SSDI benefit payments. This sounds simple, but proving the legal definition of disabled is the hardest part of claiming Social Security disability benefits – and the reason many applicants are denied.

8 SSDI Benefits Beyond Monthly Income

Approval for Social Security Disability Insurance unlocks access to money-saving, life-enhancing benefits beyond regular monthly income.

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How Much Money Will I Get?

Earnings from jobs covered by Social Security are used to determine the amount of monthly SSDI benefit payments you will receive.

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What If I'm Denied?

Don’t give up! If your initial application has been denied, Allsup can help you with your appeal – even if you applied for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits on your own. People who use a representative for SSDI hearings are four times more likely to have a favorable decision than those who don’t. Improve your chances with Allsup on your side.