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Allsup is the only nationwide representative that understands the financial issues you’re facing.

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Credit Card and Medical Debt

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Expert disability help with your SSDI claim

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Get your Social Security disability benefits sooner

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Keep or get health insurance

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Utilities and prescriptions

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"Allsup provided resources to help with food and prescriptions costs.” - Karina R.

SSDI Payments Credit Card AndMedical Debt Savings Utilities And Prescription Savings Healthcare Coverage

Trust Allsup To Tell Your Story. Here’s Why.

  • 40 Years Experience

  • 400,000 Customers Awarded SSDI

  • 97%* SSDI Success Rate

  • 20,000+ Resources for other financial needs

  • 50% Higher Likelihood of Receiving Benefits

  • 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate

*For those who complete the process with us.

Allsup Experts Can Help You With SSDI and So Much More

Representative said to me, 'Let us take care of you.' Sure enough, Allsup was with me step by step as I received complicated paperwork from the government.

Theresa T.

Theresa T.
Theresa T. Portrait

Allsup came to my rescue. When I first chose Allsup to handle my SSDI claim, I thought they were just another SSDI attorney. I wasn't aware Allsup had other services to offer. The representatives helped me choose a health insurance plan within my budget and bought me peace in a chaotic situation.

Garry W.

Garry W.
Garry W. Portrait

The debt service program has been blessing. Every month I was struggling, and now I'm not so stressed over the bills. I have peace while my debt is being resolved. I would like to say thank you to Allsup for providing help and provide these services. Everyone has been very understanding and I couldn't be more pleased.

Jean T.

Jean T.
Jean T. Portrait

It gave me peace of mind while still making progress in resolving my debt. The enrollment process was simple, and I’m satisfied with the response time. Allsup has gone well beyond my expectations.

Ben-David S.

Ben-David S.
Ben-David S. Portrait

From day one Allsup has helped to file my case. I thought once my initial claim was filed I would be on my own. That was not the case. Allsup has always been there to help guide me through each process. Allsup first helped to obtain my SSDI benefits. Second, Allsup empowered me by lowering my monthly living expenses. Third, Allsup helped with my debt. Fourth, Allsup is helping me find employment. More people need to know how much Allsup helps the SSDI community. This is my Allsup story and why I refer family and friends to Allsup.

Karina R.

Karina R.
Karina R. Portrait

Increase Your Chances Of Approval For Social Security Disability Insurance Plus Receive Financial Solutions Only Available At Allsup

A dedicated Allsup SSDI claims consultant will

  • Work with you every step of the way, from application, to appeals to your benefit payment.
  • Collect medical evidence and document the impact of your disability on your life, day to day.
  • Communicate with the SSA on your behalf and navigate the complex process for you.
  • Focus on getting you benefits as early as possible in the long SSDI process.
  • Connect you to a range of financial solutions including help with debt, savings on monthly bills, and healthcare assistance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Disability Financial Management

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Allsup experts can help you with your initial SSDI application and appeals, and with meeting other financial needs.

Return to Work

Return To Work

Keep your SSDI benefits and return to work by taking advantage of the SSA’s Ticket to Work program.

Health Insurance Services

Medicare Plan Enrollment Assistance

Allsup’s health insurance experts can help you plan for and navigate changes in your health insurance coverage.

VA Appeals

Veterans Disability Appeals

Our VA-accredited claims agents can help you appeal an unfavorable VA disability rating.

Disability Financial Solutions

Disability Financial Solutions®

Allsup is the only nationwide representative that helps with your Social Security disability benefits plus offers services to solve your financial challenges.

Disability Appeals Services

Disability Appeals Services

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, Allsup is ready to assist with your appeals and prepare you for your hearing.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) 101

Everything you need to know about SSDI in one convenient place.

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Meet Our Founder And CEO Jim Allsup

Book cover for 'Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting it right the first time'

Jim transformed Social Security disability benefits representation by creating a better way for people to apply for SSDI. Watch his video and download his ebook to learn why you can Trust Allsup to Tell Your Story™.

Setting the record straight: Founder/CEO, Jim Allsup, shares how his experiences working at Social Security inspired him to create the first nationwide SSDI representation organization nearly 40 years ago.