July 9, 2024

8 Essentials For Successful Disability Representation

Getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is so difficult that it’s best to get help. Before choosing a representative, it's important to understand why the accuracy of your application is so important.

Understanding The Challenge

Getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be tough for two main reasons.

First, the application process is complicated. There are many steps, each with its own set of detailed rules and lots of paperwork, which can be confusing and easy to get wrong. It also takes a lot of time to complete each step. Once you submit your application, you have to wait a long time—often several months—to find out if you are approved.

Second, dealing with a disability while trying to get SSDI approval is challenging. Many people applying for SSDI are also trying to adjust to big changes in their lives because of an illness or injury. They might have many doctor’s appointments, surgeries, or treatments. Keeping track of all these medical needs while applying for SSDI can feel overwhelming, like having another full-time job.

It’s no wonder so many become overwhelmed, discouraged and delayed in filing their claim.

Application Accuracy Makes The Difference

Accuracy in completing your application can be the difference between getting approved or being denied and having to start the appeal process. Accuracy in telling your story to the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes a lot of experience and attention to detail to get right. Even small mistakes can cause weeks, months or years of delay. If you aren’t accurate from the start, it could mean missing out on benefits.

Accuracy is a crucial factor in getting your claim approved.

The Ingredients Of Accuracy

It's not as simple as “attention to detail.” There are so many mistakes to avoid that it makes sense to work with an expert. 

The most experienced representatives, like Allsup, with over 40 years and 400,000 successful claims, know how to tell your story successfully. They work with the SSA on your behalf to make sure the agency has the information they need to make a decision on your claim. They carefully follow all the steps in the process, checking in with SSA at every step to make sure your application is as correct as possible. These steps are the ingredients of accurate—and successful—representation.

The following are all the parts the best disability representatives include in their process.

#1 – Use History And Experience

There’s no replacement for experience. Allsup uses its 40 years in business in two main ways to help people get the benefits they deserve.

First, they hire people who already have deep knowledge on disability issues. They may have worked at places that help those with disabilities or at organizations like the SSA, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). They bring a great deal of practical, applied expertise that comes from real-world experience in managing claims and working with populations with disabilities.

The second way is by using the huge collection of past cases Allsup has worked on.  The company can look back on the over 400,000 cases they've won to help figure out the best way to handle your case. This historical insight allows them to refine their approach and apply proven strategies to current cases.

#2 – Carefully Train

Allsup has a claims management process optimized for effectiveness and built out of decades of experience. Representatives need a deep understanding of the process to be effective.

Each representative receives extensive, multi-stage training in order to gain the full advantages of the process. Such a rigorous program ensures their team is proficient and can leverage Allsup’s carefully-designed process to manage the intricacies of each claim with precision.

The result is a highly effective representative who can make sure disability claims are done correctly, no matter how complicated they are.

#3 – Develop Deep Understanding

Gathering information is one thing, while creating a real understanding is what’s needed.

Just filling out a form won’t provide the bigger picture that the SSA needs to approve your claim. Smart information collection is at the heart of the Allsup process. A lot of information is gathered by phone or through a series of forms. This creates a clear picture of the client's needs.

Allsup representatives are kind, caring and understanding when they speak to clients. This creates a safe space for clients to share their concerns. From their conversation, Allsup builds a clear base of information about the client. Using their knowledge and expertise, the Allsup representative will then plan how to build an accurate claim.

#4 – Use The Latest Technology

The SSDI application has a lot of steps and information. Using technology can make the process easier.

Developed by Allsup, empower is the only system that follows the Social Security disability process from beginning to end. Since 2014, empower has helped Allsup customers fill out complicated forms online, at their own pace, any time of day or night. And they don’t have to learn how to use empower. It works the same as all other web-based tools: gaming, YouTube, Internet, taxes, online banking etc.

The result is a system built to make sure everything is correct on your SSDI claim.

#5 – Communicate Clearly

Keeping in touch often is really important to get your application approved.

The people who work at Allsup make sure to update their customers every time there's new information about their cases. If the SSA has more questions, answering them quickly is important so there aren't any delays.

The Allsup team is honest about what to expect and careful not to make promises they can't keep. This helps build trust and makes customers feel like they're being represented the right way.

#6 – Educate And Inform

Building the customer’s understanding helps them give the best information.

Allsup makes sure to explain the SSDI program clearly right from the start. They talk about what needs to be done and how long things might take. Amanda Schmidt, Director for SSDI Claims at Allsup, says, "We talk about problems that might come up to make sure customers know what to expect. This helps them make the right decisions for their case." Thanks to these talks, the Allsup team can really understand and speak for the customer the right way.

They also encourage the client to get medical care, especially if a customer hasn't been able to see a doctor about their disability yet. Allsup's team also tries to get a good understanding of the customer's money situation. Then, they can find the best ways to help through Disability Financial Solutions® and get the customer savings on things they use every day like meals, utility bills and even healthcare.

#7 – Involve High Standards

Setting a high bar helps get things done correctly.

One of the four core values at Allsup is “True Helping,” described as “we act on behalf of the individual in such a way that we can really make a difference in their lives.”

This includes not sharing the customer’s personal information with others, avoiding conflicts of interest and speaking openly and honestly. Since SSDI approval can change someone’s life, it’s important to act in the customer’s best interests. This helps build accuracy into the work.

#8 – Keep Improving

Learning from the past is a great way to keep accuracy moving forward. Allsup pursues ongoing improvement to make sure accuracy is maintained.

One example is doing quality checks on cases. This teaches the team how to make sure everything is correct in a customer’s case.

Customer feedback is also used to inform the Allsup teams on what worked well. Concerns, suggestions and other input are regularly used to identify areas of improvement and make meaningful changes. This helps stay in tune with customer needs and great results.


Being relentless is a possible “ninth essential” to successful claims. Another Allsup core value is to be “...driven to succeed, to innovate, and to make a difference.” Being driven to succeed on behalf of others creates a mindset with little room for error. This helps create a desire to be accurate and leaves no room for wasted time or effort.

For disability claims, there is a long list of people you can use for help. Choose a company with a proven record of results to work with you on this big life decision. With so many factors involved and ways to make mistakes, accuracy is at the heart of strong disability representation. When picking a representative, make sure accuracy is at the center of how they work.


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