How Much Can I Get From SSDI?

Your earnings from past jobs are used to determine the amount of monthly SSDI benefit payments you’ll receive. Right now, the average for an individual is $1,277, and the maximum is $3,148. Not only do we make the process easier, we have a 97% approval rate for people who apply through us. Take our SSDI assessment below to find out now if you're likely to be eligible. If you'd like to estimate your monthly SSDI payment, you can calculate that below as well.

Setting the record straight: Founder/CEO, Jim Allsup, shares how his experiences working at Social Security inspired him to create the first nationwide SSDI representation organization nearly 40 years ago.

The year you were born

For SSDI, you must be younger than your full Social Security retirement age.


Your average annual income

Enter your average for the last 10 years, up to $120,000


SSDI Benefits Beyond Monthly Income

Approval for Social Security Disability Insurance unlocks access to money-saving, life-enhancing benefits beyond regular monthly income.

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Annual Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Mother and daughter

Dependent Benefits

Prescription illustration

Medicare Coverage

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Return to Work

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Private Long-Term Disability Security

People under umbrella

COBRA Extension

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Tax Relief

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Protected Retirement Benefits

Ready to Apply for SSDI?

empower by Allsup® is the only private total online application for SSDI. Our easy-to-use tool determines your likelihood of qualifying for benefits and guides you through the application and appeal process.

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