Refer Your Patients To Allsup for Social Security Disability Benefits

  • The following video explains the steps Allsup takes after you refer a patient to us.
  • Simply complete the form below to send us a patient referral.

Have a patient that you'd like to refer? Fill out the form or call (888) 786-2190.

Three Easy Steps To Get Help For Your Team And Your Patients

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1. Send us your patient referrals.

You can refer a patient to us simply by filling out our patient referrals form.

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2. Provide resources to your patients.

At your request, we can provide helpful information to you and referral materials for your patients at no cost. Please call us at (888) 786‑2190 or email

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3. Connect with us for training.

We can provide webinars and educational presentations at your request. Please call us at (888) 786‑2190 or email to schedule an appointment.


Allsup and UniteUs

Allsup is now collaborating with UniteUs to connect healthcare providers to expert SSDI assistance for their chronically or terminally ill patients. If you are using UniteUs, you can also send us referrals from that platform.

Eligible Conditions

It is extremely important for patients who qualify for SSDI to apply for benefits as early as possible. Conditions likely to develop into a long-term or permanent disability include:

For a more complete list of eligible conditions, visit our eligible conditions page.


Trust Allsup To Tell Your Story. Here’s Why.

  • 40 Years Experience

  • 400,000 Customers Awarded SSDI

  • 97%* SSDI Success Rate

  • 20,000+ Resources for other financial needs

  • 50% Higher Likelihood of Receiving Benefits

  • 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate

*For those who complete the process with us.

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