November 24, 2021

Access Remains Vital for National Diabetes Awareness Month

By Brittany Carney, Marketing Director at Taking Care of Your Diabetes 

Although the theme of National Diabetes Awareness Month this year is “Access”, providing access to free diabetes education and support has always been the mission for Take Care of Your Diabetes (TCOYD). The organization’s vision is for all people with diabetes, as well as their loved ones, to have full access to proper education and therapy to aid in the prevention, early detection, and aggressive management of this chronic illness and its complications.

TCOYD hosts complimentary virtual diabetes programs for people living with diabetes all over the world, and recently created an online TCOYD Video Vault filled with free-of-charge educational and engaging videos on the latest in diabetes management. Viewers can find lectures from past events, brief educational clips of interviews with invited experts, and other meaningful content that helps individuals living with diabetes stay motivated year-round.

From specific info for diabetes Type 1s and Type 2s to broader discussions on devices, medications, exercise and nutrition, insurance and resource updates – TCOYD’s aim is to continually provide sustainable community support. There is something for everyone!

TCOYD is also gearing up for a free Virtual Diabetes Conference: Still Home for the Holidays on December 11th.  This complimentary event will involve educational info and practical tips on managing diabetes this holiday season. TCOYD will highlight diabetes-inspired gifts, cooking and baking low-carb delights, spirits that won’t wreak havoc on A1Cs, and tutorials for non-diabetic loved ones on diabetes etiquette. In addition, there will be a LIVE Q&A for viewers and a live chat to connect with TCOYD’s global diabetes family. Learn more at

Editor’s note: Allsup helps individuals living with diabetes and other disabilities apply for SSDI and return to work.