April 24, 2015

Check Out Medicare When Turning 65 With Social Security Disability

By Tricia of Allsup

One of the important benefits from receiving Social Security Disability Insurance is becoming eligible for Medicare.

This health insurance coverage starts 24 months after your cash SSDI benefits begin.

We help many people to navigate the complexities of choosing their Medicare plans, whether they are choosing traditional Medicare and a prescription drug Part D plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan.

Advantages: Turning 65 With SSDI

One thing many SSDI recipients don’t realize is that when you turn 65—you receive a new initial enrollment period.

This can be extremely valuable for a couple of reasons.

  • Reason one: One advantage is that you receive a new guaranteed issue rights period, meaning you can sign up for supplemental coverage, or Medigap, without underwriting. Even if you already have Medigap, you could see significantly reduced premiums at age 65, and you should shop around.
  • Reason two: A second advantage is that you may now have other Medicare plan options available to you that previously were not accessible because you were eligible by disability, and not age.

So it’s important to revisit your Medicare plan as you get ready to turn 65, even if you have been on Medicare for several years already because of your disability.

Medicare & Where You Live

It’s easy to sign up for Medicare, which is one of the reasons it can seem like a deceptively simple process. In truth, however, Medicare has many rules that affect the types of plans you can purchase, your costs and the timing of these decisions.

A variety of factors can influence your personal decisions, such as the city, county or state where you live. Different Medicare plans are available in different geographic areas. Costs also vary, even with plans that appear to be the same.

Medicare plans also can change from year to year. In an Allsup survey, Medicare beneficiaries told us they were concerned about unexpected cost issues.

Survey findings:

  • 24 percent – Found out their prescription drug wouldn’t be covered.
  • 24 percent – Learned a specific treatment would not be covered.
  • 17 percent – Discovered their doctor or specialist was not in their plan.
  • 10 percent – Found that they had to pay out of pocket for a medical device.

Seeking Help For Better Medicare Choices

These worries and frustrations were one of the reasons Allsup created the Allsup Medicare Advisor® to assist our customers with SSDI benefits several years ago.

We also help:

  • Individuals who are turning 65.
  • Seniors who are relocating or experiencing healthcare transitions.
  • Medicare beneficiaries who are making changes during Medicare annual enrollment each year.

Choosing your Medicare plan is an important health decision, but also a financial and family decision.

Allsup Medicare specialists know this—that’s why our customers return to us time and again for True Help with their Medicare plan decisions.

If you are turning 65 soon, you can contact an Allsup Medicare specialist or call (866) 521-7655.

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