September 8, 2016

Do I Need A Representative For My SSDI Application?

Jim Allsup PortraitBy Jim of Allsup

I’ve been in the business of Social Security Disability Insurance for more than 30 years, and I’ve been alive a lot longer.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I can’t do everything myself. I’m not a tax expert, so when it’s tax time, I look for an accountant to help. When I have a water leak in the house, I’m in the market for an expert plumber.

Face it, there are some things we just can’t do well by ourselves.

For example, filing an SSDI application is a complicated process and most people could benefit with professional help from the beginning.

Only a small number (about 14 percent) of people file their disability insurance applications with a representative on their side.

This can be a risk because if your benefits are denied at the application, then you’re in store for one to three years of waiting for your claim to be decided during appeals. Overall, about 67 percent of initial applications are denied.

So don’t try to slog your way alone through the Social Security disability application.

With empower by Allsup® you can receive a free online assessment of your likelihood of being eligible for SSDI benefits. Those who successfully complete the assessment can move immediately into the Allsup-designed web-based tool and get started on their Social Security disability application.

It’s easy to understand and accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Easy Technology & Expert SSDI Representation

And if you choose Allsup as your representative, we can guide you through the complex Social Security disability application process.

We can help so your claim isn’t denied because of simple mistakes. You need a professional who minimizes the hassle and helps improve the odds of you receiving your SSDI benefits quicker. That’s what we do.

With empower by Allsup and our three decades of experience, we work to ensure you receive your SSDI benefits as quickly as possible. The beauty of Allsup’s innovative, dual purpose online tool is that it gives you more control over the process. It is designed to help you obtain your SSDI benefits and also explains how you can return to work if and when you medically recover. Find more information about the disability application process at

I have to run now. My car is making some funny noises and I need to Google a mechanic. An expert mechanic, of course.

Jim Allsup
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Jim Allsup