February 20, 2018

Former Teacher Among Thousands of North Carolina Residents Waiting for SSDI Benefits

North Carolina has one of the nation’s highest rates of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) denials for initial applicants, according to Raleigh’s News and Observer. This forces more people to appeal, where they will wait 600 to 700 days for a hearing.

Mike Stein, Allsup assistant vice president of operations strategy and planning, spoke with reporter John Murawski to provide insight into who applies for SSDI.

Former workers who have applied for benefits and are in the long waiting line include people like Pam Boyer, a  special education teacher who had to stop working due to a number of chronic conditions including diabetes, arthritis and asthma.

Allsup is working to get Ms. Boyer the benefits she paid for when she was working  and deserves. Click here to see how Allsup can help you apply for SSDI.

To read the full News and Observer article, click here.

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