June 21, 2016

National Disability Professionals Week Is June 20-24

By The Old Sarge

As the baby boom generation ages, the number of people living with serious disabilities is exploding. Today, nearly 11 million former workers, their spouses and their children are drawing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

About 2.5 million more apply for this critical program every year.

They all have several things in common: They suffer from life-changing disabilities so severe they had to quit working, and all of them rely on a network made up of their families, caregivers and medical professionals for support.

An integral part of that network includes the professionals who manage, process and decide their claims for SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA), which oversees the SSDI program, employs more than 65,000 people nationwide. More than 16,000 people work at state-level Disability Determination Services offices.

The National Association of Disability Examiners (NADE) serves the workers who make critical decisions every day that affect so many people, and for the last 15 years, the organization has set aside one week each year to honor them.

This year, National Disability Professionals Week is June 20-24.

In our more than 30 years in business, Allsup has helped more than 250,000 people with severe disabilities receive the SSDI benefits they paid for when they were able to work. We know how important the professionals at the SSA and DDS are in the disability claims and appeals process, and we salute them during the week that acknowledges their service.

Written by

Dan Allsup