September 11, 2017

On Old Memories and New Technology

By The Old Sarge

More years ago than I care to admit, I worked as a copy boy at a daily newspaper. These were the days of hot type and cold coffee in the newsroom. Reporters still stuck their press passes in the brim of their fedoras, and the editors would bark orders to their reporters with Campbell soup cans and string.

OK, not really, but you get the idea. It was more than a few years before technology encroached into the newsroom. Let’s just say that it took a while to segue from hot type to internet hot links.

Today, technology has nearly destroyed the newspaper industry. Why wait for Saturday to get Friday’s box score? When I couldn’t get my hands on a baseball schedule as a youngster, I would call the sports desk to find out when my guys were playing. Kids now just Google to get the date, time, starting pitchers, the ages of the manager’s children, the color of the shortstop’s eyes and the predicted humidity index at game time. By the way, when did “Google” morph into a verb?

CEO Jim Allsup didn’t have a lot of technology at his disposal in 1984 when he created the industry of nationwide, non-attorney Social Security disability representatives. His office was his kitchen table and the latest technology was his blue Remington typewriter―manual, of course.

Times have changed. More than 33 years later, Jim’s company has helped 275,000 people receive the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits they paid for when they were still able to work.

Technology rules at Allsup. We use everything from the highest of high-speed claims processing to the most secure of secure communications to serve our customers. Nothing, however, better illustrates how we have embraced technology than empower by Allsup®.

empower by Allsup is a dual-purpose online software tool that helps you determine if you may qualify for SDI benefits, and helps you avoid getting caught in a bureaucratic maze when you apply for disability. It will even help you return to work if you’re able to do so.

It’s powerful, it’s unique and it’s patented. More importantly, empower by Allsup is the product of a huge financial investment, a lot of work, and more than 30 years of hard-earned SSDI experience. No one knows SSDI better, and empower by Allsup places that knowledge directly into your hands. With easy online access, it gives you 24/7 support and a better chance for your SSDI application to be approved the first time around.

Check out empower by Allsup and get it right the first time—thanks to modern technology.

Written by

Dan Allsup