January 4, 2016

One Person At A Time – You Can Save A Life

By Tai of Allsup

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution with a big impact, January provides one with National Blood Donor Month.

Medical facilities and hospitals across the country depend on individual donations, and the start of the new year is a particularly critical time. The holidays and winter weather can lead to lower reserves of blood. And when there’s an emergency, it better be on the shelf.

The American Red Cross says that our communities need 41,000 donations every day to help individuals going through chemotherapy, following car wrecks, delivering babies and a variety of other medical procedures.

Many people become lifetime givers. It’s possible for a healthy donor to make a donation several times a year.

While about 4 in 10 people are eligible to give blood, only 1 in 10 step up each year to save lives through donations.

Many of Allsup’s SSDI customers have benefitted from the generosity of blood donors.

We assist tens of thousands of people with disabilities who have undergone a range of medical procedures, from back surgery to organ transplants. Blood donors are vital resources for our healthcare system.

Consider becoming a lifesaver this year. As the Red Cross says, “The need is constant. The gratification is instant.”

Finding a local blood drive is easy—they’re held daily all across the country.

Just go to RedCrossBlood.org and enter your ZIP code. Saving lives is a pretty good way to start 2016.

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