January 24, 2022

Thank You, Pass It On…National Thank You Month

January is National Thank You Month, and we here at Allsup would like to thank you for following the news and information we share on our All Things Disability® blog. We value your readership all year long, and for those of you who are customers, it’s our pleasure to advocate for you.

We’d also like to encourage paying it forward and thanking other advocates in our lives, particularly caregivers and healthcare providers. Compassionate, patient caregivers help to make every day a little brighter and easier for all of us. Many Allsup customers have been caregivers themselves and find it necessary to seek disability benefits when they experience illness or injury.

In addition, healthcare provider(s) can really be a partner on your SSDI journey and we coordinate with many medical professionals to advocate for our customers’ claims. They can help you by suggesting you file for SSDI and documenting your disability and diagnoses. Their record of treatment, test results and findings, as well as input into your activities of daily life (ADL), are all critical to putting you on the path to receiving your well-deserved benefits.

So, this month, we are giving gratitude to the advocates, helpers, and friends and family members who make our days and the SSDI journey a little easier. Thank you!

Learn more about applying for Social Security disability benefits on Allsup.com.