August 17, 2017

The Solar Eclipse and Customer Service in 23 Seconds or Less

Allsup headquarters is in the path of Monday’s solar eclipse. We’re pretty excited about it even though the totality will last only 23 seconds.

But a lot can happen in that amount of time, and this week we asked team members to think about what else could happen in 23 seconds. At Allsup, we are privileged to have an opportunity to help individuals with severe disabilities navigate an often frustrating, confusing and lengthy process of applying for disability benefits.

How can our employees make a positive difference in someone’s life in a “blink of an eye”? I’m pleased to share some responses.

“Always show compassion to customers, even when they are upset because you don’t know what they are struggling with.”

“Waiting on hold that extra 23 seconds to speak with a [Social Security Administration] representative can mean the difference in the claimants’ past due benefits being released within days instead of weeks or even months.”

“Focusing on issues, not the personalities that call in. Some claimants are in pain or may not be having a great day and it rubs off on their mood. We have to look past that and stay focused. The goal is to help.”

“Do what you say you are going to do.”

“I make sure that all forms going out to the claimant are correct and marked so they know exactly where to sign.”

“Some claimants are scared and apprehensive due to their medical issues, so being nice and respectful and showing empathy sets them at ease some.”

“Assure the claimant in 23 words, ‘I know this is tough and long. You are not alone. Allsup is here to help and we will get through this together.’”

“Sometimes, as Allsup team members, we are the only ones that our claimants speak to on a regular basis. Some of our claimants do not have any family or friends to talk to or help get them through this tough time in their lives. We, as Allsup team members, have to be there for our customers and be that person, who during that short period of being on the phone, can make that person feel secure and know that somebody cares for them and is working on making their case better at that time and focusing on them.”

Our employees will take a few minutes to enjoy this rare event, but as soon as the sun emerges from the moon’s shadow, we’ll be back doing what we’ve been doing for the last 33 years―helping individuals obtain the benefits they deserve, and making every second count.

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