January 9, 2018

The Top 10 All Things Disability Blogs for 2017

Allsup’s All Things Disability (ATD) blog is a resource for people needing information on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), finances, health and wellness. Our expert writers have backgrounds in public health, law, finance, government programs, veterans affairs, Medicare and health insurance. ATD regularly features guest blogs from individuals and organizations that provide practical tips and resources for individuals living with chronic illnesses and disability.

Our goal is to help people lead lives that are as healthy and financially secure as possible.

We’re sharing share the top 10 blogs of 2017, with hopes that seeing the information again will help readers take action, or reach and help new readers. Many of the blogs were posted before 2017, and continue to garner interest. Please comment on and share your favorite blog. And subscribe to All Things Disability on the top right hand of this page.

  • 1. My #DAMPersonal Story With Essential Tremor-Kathleen Welker, president of Tremor Action Network, shares her journey from diagnosis to founding the nonprofit organization. She recently announced her retirement. Best wishes, Kathleen!
  • 2.  Why a CDR Could be a Good Thing - The Social Security Administration conducts continuing disability reviews (CDRs) for SSDI beneficiaries. Failure to respond to a notice could result in termination of benefits. This post explains beneficiary rights.
  • 3. The Strength to Move Forward - Allsup claims specialist Becky Matzenbacher is one of a growing number of individuals under age 50 diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
  • 4. What if I Have a Hemorrhoid? - Guest blogger Geri Lynn Baumlatt wants to make colonoscopies shorter and safer with patient education.
  • 5. Connect with NAMI and Connect with Others - Guest blogger John Freeburg shares his experience with mental illness and how the National Alliance on Mental Illness helps individuals and families.
  • 6. Colon Cancer: Don’t Ignore the Symptoms - Patient, advocate and Colorectal Cancer Alliance volunteer Valarie Schlosser encourages others to learn from her experience.
  • 7. Back to Work with an Ostomy-More than half the people Allsup helps with SSDI say they would like to return to work. The United Ostomy Associations of America offers practical advice for those who have had ostomy surgery.
  • 8. Do I Need Medicare if I have Other Health Insurance?-SSDI beneficiaries are eligible for Medicare 24 months after their cash benefits begin. We answer some of their most common questions in this post.
  • 9. How to Work the System so the System Helps You Work – Most who apply for SSDI are unaware of the support they can receive to return to work.
  • 10. empower by Allsup®—Making Things Possible - This post provides links to resources that help individuals with disabilities access technology.
  • 11. The Pain That Makes You Want to Die (tied for #10)-Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability. Chronic regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy is one of the most painful chronic conditions there is.
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