May 4, 2016

The Value Of Social Security Disability Benefits

By Brian of Allsup

People who turn to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program often do so as a last resort. They would rather be working, but a severe disability has interrupted their life.

It’s important to remember that 151.2 million American workers are insured under the SSDI program. That’s a sizable pool of potential customers for this program, and they have every right to seek benefits if they experience a life-changing disability.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May provides an opportune time to recognize the value of Social Security disability benefits.

These benefits—including monthly income, dependent benefits, Medicare eligibility, and return-to-work incentives—provide much-needed support to families after the devastation resulting from a health crisis such as a stroke or heart attack, or the disabling impact of a car accident.

Unfortunately, the line and the wait times are getting longer for people whose claims reach the hearing before an administrative law judge.

Just three years ago, in fiscal year 2013, the Social Security Administration reported an average wait of 382 days for a hearing—or nearly 13 months. That has increased to 518 days, or about 17 months, earlier this year. Some hearing offices are seeing waits of nearly 24 months, or two years. They include Brooklyn, New York, with 736 days, Miami with 706 days and Greensboro, North Carolina, with 678 days.

Many applicants find themselves tangled up with the cumbersome and intimidating claims review process and reach out to SSDI representatives like Allsup for help.

Only a portion of U.S. workers, about 1 in 3, has private long-term disability insurance. This means the SSDI program is the primary form of financial protection for most people in the wake of a severe long-term disability.

Learn more about why people apply for SSDI benefits with Allsup. Disability Insurance Awareness Month is the prime time to consider your needs and alternatives in the face of a disabling life event.

Click here if you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits, or if you need help with your SSDI appeal. Or call (800) 678-3276 with questions.

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