December 7, 2021

Mail Delays For Veterans Causing VA To Give 90-day Extension

If you are a veteran who received a letter from the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dated between July 13, 2021 and year end 2021, you have a 90-day extension on your response to the VA.

Supply chain and staffing issues are causing interruptions to the Government Publishing Office’s (GPO) progress in printing and mailing notification letters to veterans.

Because the delays in sending out these notifications may impact your ability to meet your required deadline, the VBA is extending the response period by 90 calendar days.

If you didn’t receive your VA notification in a timely manner and can’t respond by the deadline listed, you now have a 90-day extension. The VA and GPO are working to address the mailing delays as quickly as possible. 

If you don’t reply to a VA time-limited notification, including:

  • Making an election of benefits or services or
  • Reporting for a scheduled compensation and pension examination,

The VBA will not take adverse action to deny, reduce or terminate your benefits unless:

  1. You’ve been contacted by the VA and your right to respond has been documented.
  2. The VA has received the requested information. 
  3. Your response period (including the 90-day extension) has lapsed.  

If you have questions regarding this extension period, contact the VA at 800-827-1000. The complete statement from the VA can be found here.

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Brett Buchanan
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Brett Buchanan