November 19, 2019

Living With Diabetes: How Do You Take Control?

By Taking Control of Your Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month. Over 30 million Americans are impacted by diabetes, and 1.5 million are diagnosed every year.

Successful diabetes management is difficult, especially when there’s a lack of education within the healthcare system. Fortunately, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) is revolutionizing the way people live with diabetes by encouraging a more active approach by those who are affected.

TCOYD, a nonprofit organization, was established by Founder and Director Steven Edelman, MD, who has Type 1 diabetes himself. He wanted better care than he was accustomed to in his diabetes community. In 1995, he hosted his first educational conference to inspire those with diabetes to take control of their condition and increase their quality of life. The event set a new standard and directly introduced crucial information about diabetes care and management to people living with diabetes.

Since then, TCOYD has become the national leader in providing world-class diabetes education in cities across the country to people with diabetes and their healthcare providers. TCOYD continues to foster cutting-edge medical education programs that provide up-to-date care and management strategies from esteemed healthcare professionals.

Dr. Edelman believed in the healing powers of comedy. Since TCOYD’s inception, one of his primary goals was to keep the conferences light and entertaining in order to make a difficult subject palatable. His humor has always uniquely defined the TCOYD experience, which is showcased in live conferences, blogs and online educational videos.

TCOYD’s mission, experience, and way of life gives every person affected by diabetes the freedom to have fun, TAKE CONTROL and be true to self! Visit online at

Editor’s note: Some individuals with diabetes must stop working and apply for disability benefits. Allsup helps individuals apply for SSDI and return to work if they medically stabilize or recover.

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